Welcome to Kizux Gaming

This blog was born due to, let’s call it like that, “a failed dream”. That dream was to be a youtuber and make the same things I do here but in video form. Sadly, I came to the realization that it was going to be a lot more difficult. I lacked the equipment, the software and specially the presence, because I qualify myself as a shy person, uploading a video of me to the internet isn’t really pleasing to my mind. So I chose the next best thing: a blog. The first thing you need to know about me is that english isn’t my mother languange, you might be asking “then why is the blog in english?”, well, two reasons, first, I want to practice it more, and second, this way I can reach to more people, so if you spot a typo or error on my redaction, please tell me, and I will fix it.

I qualify myself as an adept gamer, I own several video game systems, and played tons of games, in fact, I’ve been playing video games as far as I can remember, so it is no foreign territory for me. Although I’m more into past generations, and I don’t have a expensive PC (it is a shitty mini laptop), so recent PC games aren’t in my play list.

Well, that’s enough of boring introductions, thanks for being here, I’ll start with some reviews.


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