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Review: 10000000

The Mobile video game market is an open universe with endless possibilities and monotony at the same time, you can find extremely original and never before seen games from rookie studios, or you can find the same game over and over with just some little changes, mostly visual. That’s the puzzle genre in a nutshell (in mobile games) all the famous ones revolve around the “match-three”, bejewled clones, and that’s where 100000 comes in. EightyEight Games’ entry on the genre is a good one, adding some adventure/RPG elements to the mix, some might consider it a Puzzlequest clone, but it has enough to difference it, including the fact that it isn’t a 1v1 battle. You’re an adventurer trapped in a dungeon and you can only escape if you achieve 10.000.000 points in a single run, something that seems impossible the first times playing the game, but the further you explore the dungeon, the more you upgrade yourself.

Instead of your regular colored tiles from the regular “match-three” games that only give you points, tiles here are associated with an action that occurs when your match 3 or more of them, those tiles are:

  • Sword/Wand: Deal damage to the enemy, the more tiles you match, the higher the damage.
  • Shield: Gives you shield points that block damage, more points with more tiles.
  • Key: Opens locked chests and doors, match 4 or more to open more than one lock at the same time.
  • Backpack: Has a chance of giving you an item, match more than 3 tiles to increase that chance.
  • Wood/Stone: Gives you that material, used to upgrade buildings, matching more than three grants you more material.
  • Star: This tile can be used to match any combination.
All the possibilities...

All the possibilities…

Everything in the game is upgradable, to the point it becomes an addiction, giving you incentive to complete quests and use that gold to upgrade your equipment. You have 4 types of equipment:

  • Sword: Physical damage, you can upgrade overall damage and critical chance.
  • Wand: Magical damage, you can upgrade overall damage and special effect chance (freeze, poison).
  • Shield: You can upgrade the maximum quantity of shield points you can have, and the amount of shield points matching those tiles give you.
  • Armor: You can upgrade your damage resistance and increase the attack delay on enemy attacks.

Aside from those upgrades, there are other two other buildings in your cave: a trainer, where you can use your EXP earned from killing monsters to get abilities, and a potion shop that unlocks a potion every time you go up a rank, you can toggle them to have cool effects while doing a run, but have some nasty side effects like “Receive 20% of Wood and Stone as Gold. Gain 0 Wood and Stone”.

Some smithing, crafting, training and dungeoning after a good night's sleep.

Some smiting, crafting, training and dungeoning after a good night’s sleep.

There’s no “life bar” in the game, instead, your time left serves as your life bar, and it’s represented with your position onscreen, if you touch the left border of the screen, it means your time ended and so your run, you can gain time by killing monsters or eating food you find in treasure chests, and notice that enemies also damage your time left, making your run end faster.

It is worth noticing that the game has a simple yet catchy soundtrack with retro game tunes and dungeon vibe, great for adventuring and killing monsters.

Veredict: A- 

Now, all exposition aside, let’s view the package as a whole. For only 2.89 US$ you’re getting a great deal, I’ve played this game for a lot of hours and haven’t gone through all the upgrades and ranks, the game keeps getting harder so it won’t lose the challenge and you don’t get bored. One of the things I love the most is that the game doesn’t have micro-transactions, the bane of all mobile games, even paid ones have this bullshit, and the developers could have added it in 1000000, “oh, you don’t want to play an hour or two and have fun to earn the gold necessary for that upgrade? Just pay 4.99$ and get it right away”, you get rewarded for your gameplay, getting better with your skills and response time, and also materials to enhance your abilities inside the game. I recommend it to anyone who wants something different from the monotony of mobile puzzle games. I’m still baffled that this is Eighty Eight’s only game on the Google Play Store, I wouldn’t mind a 10000000 2 *hint* *hint*

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